iPhone 5 nanoが4月に発売されるかも?

iPhoneの小型、廉価バージョン、iPhone 5 nanoが4月〜6月に発売されるとか。

"iPhone 5 Nano – More Of A Reality Than Fiction"(BestTechInfo)

"iPhone 5 Nano Expected Release within April or June by Apple CEO Steve Job"(3anime)

"Report: Apple Soon to Unveil Cheap, Tiny iPhone Nano"(LAPTOP)

"iPhone Nano: Release and Specs — Hoax or Not?"(TECHTORIAL)

"Apple’s iPhone 5 Nano release this year is all but true"(examiner.com)

ELECOM iPod・iPhone AC充電器 cube型 USB FACE AVA-ACU01F1
iPhone AC充電器 cube型 USB

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